Friday, March 20, 2020

Camp Pricing - $50 off for First Time Campers

Below are your pricing options for attending camp. Most will fall into the full inclusive pricing option but we have some flexibility with meal pricing. As always, don't let price keep you away. We have scholarship money available, just ask Greg Lawton (contact information on the registration page).
  • Option 1
    • Full inclusive cost for camp (lodging and meals)
      •  $125
        • $50 DISCOUNT for First Time Campers
  • Option 2
    • Lodging only plus ala carte meals (A great option if you'll be joining late or need to leave early)
      • $75 for Lodging
      • Price for every added meal
        • $6 for breakfast
        • $8 for lunch
        • $9 for dinner
      • Example: Mary has to work on Saturday so she won't be getting to BKC until after dinner time on Saturday. Mary will pay $75 for lodging +  $12 for breakfast on Sunday/Monday + $8 for lunch on Sunday + $9 for dinner on Sunday. Mary's total cost for BKC will be $104.

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